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Classical Music’s Last Hope: Return of the Amateur Composer      

Published by Xlibris, 2008

Americans are turning away from classical music. To explain this shift the author points to the rise of a new egalitarianism and the erosion of traditional Protestant Ethic values. In this anti-elitist, I want-it-now environment popular entertainment is increasingly favored over classical music and the other fine arts. Turning to the music itself, he cites the abandonment of tonal harmony as another cause of the decline in the appeal of the symphonic/orchestral genre. He argues that if classical music has any chance of winning back its audience, it must return to the harmonic idiom used by composers of the past. Given the intractability of the present music establishment, the person most likely to do that is the independent, self-taught amateur.


The Spontaneous Self: Viable Alternatives to Free Will  

Original published by the Institute for Naturalistic Philosophy 1989; second printing by Xlibris 2012

While previous books have argued that free-will is an illusion, The Spontaneous Self goes further in detailing the ways in which our thoughts, feelings and behavior are likely to change when we succeed in dispelling that illusion.



Oolie and the Fox                

Xlibris 2008

I found inspiration for this children’s tale in the inexhaustible curiosity and imagination of my four-year old neighbor. After sharing with her countless stories about the characters found on my computer, I took her as my model for Oolie, the little girl who discovers a wise and caring fox living in the trunk of a front yard beech tree.


Illusions of the Heart

Xlibris 2009

Illusions of the Heart contains two short stories, each revolving around the theme of internet romance. In Residues of Love two women explore the farthest reaches of intimacy in the privacy of an online chat room. Je T’Adore tells the story of a man who falls hopelessly in love with a woman who wants nothing to do with the opposite sex. Both stories can be read either as straightforward tales of romance or as variations on the philosophical theme of appearance versus reality.



Xlibris 2009

Tashi is the story of a young girl’s love for an older man. The two are brought together by their common love for music, Richard being a composer, she a budding cellist.  As she matures into young adulthood, her love for the reticent composer is continually tested by jealousy, physical separation, parental concern and above all by his unconscious fear of rejection. Through it all she is sustained by support from her eccentric but compassionate grandfather who provides her with the ultimate key to unlocking her would-be lover’s suppressed desire.


The Reluctant Savior  

Xlibris 2010

Rafer Alexander is the sole survivor of a plane crash over Sikkim in which his two parents and brother have been killed. After trekking down the mountainside, he is rescued by monks from a Tibetan monastery where he learns to deal with his grief through meditation. When a friend develops cancer, Rafer takes his practice deeper, eventually discovering the ability to heal. In time his successes evoke a variety of responses. Some see him as a magician; others are convinced he is the Second Coming of Christ. Still others fear that he is the Antichrist warned about in the Bible. Through it all he eschews any suggestion of divinity, remaining true to the belief that he has done nothing more than what all humans are capable of doing.


The Unwanted

Xlibris 2012

This is the story of a teenage boy from Southern Mexico who migrates to the U.S. in search of a better life. In the U.S. his life becomes entwined with that of the local sheriff whose relationship with his own teenage son (Eric) has always been cool. In time Eric’s jealousy toward his father’s new Mexican friend becomes the centerpiece of a trial in which Eric is accused of vehicular homicide. In the aftermath of the trial, the sheriff, once an ardent anti-immigrationist, undergoes a character change which puts him at odds with both his family and the law enforcement community.


The Lady and the Lord

Xlibris 2012

A beautiful housewife from El Paso (the Lady) discovers she has the gift of clairvoyance which she uses to track down drug dealers across the border in Juarez, Mexico. In time she is kidnapped by the biggest drug kingpin of all (the Lord) and taken to Sinaloa where her captor falls in love with her. While a prisoner she uses her gifts to gain the confidence of the organization he leads while at the same time reaching out to the poor families of southern Mexico. Although the capo never succeeds in winning her affection, he respects her judgment enough to suggest that if he is killed, she take his place as leader. With his eventual assassination, she is forced to choose between returning to suburban life in El Paso and taking over an organization whose mission and methods she despises.

Beyond Self-Realization

Beyond Self-Realization